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National Student Electronic Music Event

  • LSU School of Music Baton Rouge, LA (map)

Performances of student works in experimental electronic music, research paper discussions, and installations of student works.

NSEME 2017 Schedule

Concert I – 11:00am Friday, March 10 – SoM Recital Hall
Bihe Wen – Vague Image
Drew Romanowski – Eatit-n-Leave
Brady Lanier – Gamba Gamelan: 7(6 – 5 – 6)
Nikhil Singh – Passacaglia for 30 Lazy Guitars
Michael Lukaszuk – My Metal Bird Can Sing
Andrew Pfalz – Waywardness for lack of resolution
Maxwell Tfirn – Establish, Corrupt, Broken
Francesco Sclafani – Component Extract
Nathaniel Haering – Cimmerian Isolation

Concert II – 3:00pm Friday March 10 – SoM Recital Hall
Ivonne Paredes – Toro
Mitch Weakley – Circular Logic
Joungmin Lee – 3 Sounds
Patrick Reed – Broken Computer
Seiyoung Jang – Anterograde
Jinghong Zhang – Hephaestus’ Gate
Julius Bucsis – The Dawn of Memory – Awakening of the Ancients
Jacob Sundstrom – the piece formerly known as boring formless nonsense
Lucas Marshall Smith – Utterance
G. Blake Harrison-Lane – Exile
Brian Riordan – while the earth is still turning

Paper Session – 4:30pm Friday March 10
Bradley Robin – Transformation and Recontextualization: States of Sounds in Gerard Grisey’s “Periodes”

Bora Yoon Keynote – 7:30pm Friday March 10 – DMC Theater

After Hours @ Tin Roof – 9:30pm Friday March 10
Julius Bucsis
Gabriel Hawes
Nicole Carroll
Elliott Grabill
Kevin Kay
Brian Riordan and Sonya Belaya
Avrosh Kumar and Takumi Ogata


Concert III – 10:00am Saturday, March 11 – DMC Theater
Nicole Carroll – Everything in its Place
Peder Barratt-Due – One Man, Eight Cameras for eight violins
Chase Mitchusson – Landscape
Sangwon Lee – Rollyphony for 5 channel electroacoustic music
Jacob Thiede – And everything in-between
Mya Boston Payne – House
Eric Sheffield – Water is Thicker than Blood
James Anderson – Perception
Steve Joslin – Channeling Rachmaninoff

Paul Koonce Keynote – 11:30am Saturday March 11 – DMC

Concert IV – 3:00pm Saturday March 11 – SoM Recital Hall
Elliott Grabill – Planet Heart
Chace Williams – Cultural Choas
Ash Stemke – the Face, the Hands
Gabriel Hawes – fawns
Dennis Reyes – The Dockyard
Kevin Kay – Warmth
Jacob Miller Smith – …and so she longed
Brad Robin – Fracture (for piano, drums and fixed media)
Avrosh Kumar & Takumi Ogata – Cyclic Diffusion

Fixed media works from international composers will be presented multiple times in a dedicated listening room. Those works are:
Alexis Langevin-Tétrault – Apax
Gabriel Peraza – Natten är vit
Juan Carlos Vasquez – Collage 12 “Beethoven Collage”
Leo Cicala – Ideogrammi ad Anello
Paolo Pastorino – Homéostasie
Simón Pérez – Las cifras y las palabras
Zeynep Ozcan – As if I didn’t

Installations will be running in the Digital Media Center for the duration of the event. Those works are:
K. Michael Fox – Parallel
Michael Smith – Subcellular Abstractions
Yuan Chen and Hayeon Hwang – Painter
Anthony T. Marasco – For the Man Who Has Everything
Gustavo Silveira – Temples
Stephanie Koltun – Birds in C